Virus Removal

Computers are only as good as the software thats on them. With the internet computers have become much more useful to the average user. Many people have the ability to work online and gain access to knowledge otherwise not available to them. This means that people rely on their computers more than ever before. Unfortunately the modern internet has made people more susceptible to malware and viruses than ever before. Viruses are known to slow down even the speediest computers down to a crawl. ABC Computers Plus is here to help, we provide in many cases same day virus removal.

How to know if you have malware or a virus:

Viruses and malware come in many different shapes and sizes. Sometimes without the correct tools it can be impossible to find any signs that there is a virus. Below is a list of a few definite signs that there is some sort of malicious software installed. The images above are pictures of the most common virus examples. If you would rather leave it up to the professionals you can always call us at the number above or follow this link to the contact page.

  • Unwanted Programs and Popups When Turning on Your Computer: Many times virus and malware like to disguise themselves as programs and system cleaners. These sorts of viruses tend to "scan" your computer at startup and slow your PC down to a crawl. Even when you close the program they still run in the background and slow down the performance of the PC.
  • Weird Software Symbols Running in the Bottom Right Corner of the PC: These are the sneaky little software pieces that run in the background of your computer. They are set to start in the background every time the computer is turned on. They can slow down the computer, track the user, and or sell ads to the user.
  • Random Redirects and Popups When Browsing the Internet: Often Malware and Virus's want nothing to do with harming the computer instead their intentions are solely to sell the user illegal ads. These ads can trick the user into installing even more virus and malware software.

The Process and Cost:

As soon as your device arrives we scan it to verify that it does not have any hardware issues for free. Though viruses are the most common cause for a computer slow down if you have hardware issues a cleanup wont fix your problem. Once the hardware scan is complete we will let you know of any issues we might find and continue to removing the viruses. By analyzing the installed software we are able to find the main cause of the issue. We remove any software threats and check to make sure that it shows a performance increase. After we find that the computer is clean we analyze the system startup and check to make sure the virus wont reinstall itself.

  • We charge an hourly rate of $40. Typically a virus removal takes 1-2 shop hours. In rare cases we will cap a virus removal at 3 hours.
  • Most virus removals are completed within the same day.
  • We would love to be able to help. Please contact us for a free estimate.