Tablet and Phone Liquid Damage Repair

Liquid Spills can be one of the most damaging things that can happen to your phone or tablet. Unfortunately as soon as liquid comes in contact with your device most manufacturers void your warranty. Most manufacturers charge an exorbitant amount of money to get you up and running again. Here at ABC Computers Plus we offer cleaning and repair services to bring your damaged device back to working order. We do this often without replacement parts and extra costs. We have state of the art technology that removes calcification residue left by dried water, soda, and other fluids. In many cases we are able to provide same day phone liquid damage repair.

What to do in the event of liquid damage?

Many liquid damage cases are at first minor and have a better chance of being repaired if addressed immediately. Many people may allow their phone to dry or put their phone into rice and then a short while later they push the power button and voila it works. The problem is phones that have liquid damage often work for a while but eventually no longer turn on. This is due to liquid residue drying on a less commonly used part of the motherboard. When that specific part does get used it can cause the entire motherboard to stop working. The longer a time between a spill typically results in a more difficult tablet and phone liquid damage repair. For the best repair results follow the guide below.

  1. Do the best you can to stop any and all power from going to the device. This includes removing the power plug and battery if possible.
  2. Do your best to allow all liquids to drain away form the device.
  3. Write down or remember the exact location where liquid was spilt. This can help us identify the problem.
  4. Bring your phone into ABC Computers Plus as soon as liquid touches your phone even if it appears that there is no damage immediately. As previously stated, liquid generally occurs after weeks or sometimes months of use. The device could be working perfectly but one morning could never turn on. The shorter between the accident and when we see the phone typically the more likely we will be able to save the computer without having to replace parts.

The Process and Cost

As soon as your phone or tablet arrives we will check you in an it will get its own spot on our bench. We take apart the device and assess what parts are damaged. Our professional staff will notify you of what is damaged in the phone and what needs to be done. Most commonly the motherboard itself sustains most the damage and needs to be cleaned. We clean any and all calcification off the exterior and interior parts of the motherboard using our state of the art electronic Ultrasonic cleaner. The device is then dried using alcohol and our drier. After that the motherboard is then installed back into the device and the device is ready to go for many future uses.

  • We charge a flat disassembly fee of $85 to take apart the device. This includes removing the motherboard and checking all parts of the device for damage. We will decide and discuss what is the best next step for you.
  • If the motherboard needs to be cleaned with our ultrasonic cleaner we have a $100 charge if the process was to work. This includes all the chemical and labor cost associated with running the machine. If on the rare occasion the machine is not able to fix the issue the motherboard will need to be replaced and there will be a $25 chemical fee for using the machine.
  • In some rare cases phone liquid damage repair requires that the motherboard or logic board be replaced to completely fix the problem. If this is necessary we will contact with a price for the part.

For more information call us at the link above or go to our contact page.