Desktop Repair

Free Diagnosis:
If you are not sure what is going on with your desktop ABC provides a FREE diagnosis with in house service. Our diagnosis typically takes less than a few hours and the resulting desktop repair is typically finished within the same day.


Hard drive Replacements - Starting at $120:

Desktops come in many different shapes and sizes and so do their hard drives. In many cases we have brand new desktop hard drives and solid state drives in stock and ready to be installed. Our desktop hard drive replacements typically take a couple of hours depending on the amount of data being transferred. Feel free to give us a call for an update on our current inventory

Virus Removal - Starting at $40:

Malicious content is located all over the internet and unfortunately it is almost impossible to avoid it all. These programs hurt performance of your game and sometimes even damage your computers health. Bring your PC into ABC to get a system cleanup and feel the speed and performance your PC was intended to have.


Internal Hardware Replacement - Starting at $40 + Parts:

Over time the internal components of your PC tend to ware out and in some cases need to be replaced. At ABC Computers Plus we keep the most common parts such basic video cards and power supplys in stock so your PC can be up and running in just a few hours.


Solid State Drive Upgrade - Starting at $120:

Solid State Drives are up to 10 times the performance of their old mechanical drive brethren. This speed increase gives major performance upgrades and makes your PC run as fast as a brand new PC again. Not only are they much faster they no longer having moving parts which means they last much longer than a typical hard drive. A solid state drive is the number one, best upgrade to speed up your slow PC. Give us a call for a more exact quote and recommendation to whether or not you should upgrade to a SSD today.


Memory Upgrade - Starting at $40:

Upgrading your desktop's memory is the most affordable way to gain a slight performance increase. If your looking to get just a bit more out of your laptop come to ABC to take the guessing out of memory upgrades.


Operating System Reload - Starting at $50:

In many cases reloading an operating system can fix system issues or even speed up your bogged down PC. Our reloads typically take a couple of hours in most cases if your bring your desktop in we will have it back to you that same day.


Software repair/troubleshooting - $40 an hour:

Sometimes computer software just does not work the way it was intended to. Bring it to the professionals at ABC to solve your Software headaches!