Pros and Cons of Apple Computers

Apple has built quite the name for themselves over the years. Apple customers claim things like “They just work”, “I never have any problems”, “It does what I need”. Are these things true? Well, yes and no. Apple computers are great and generally they do work as you would expect, but there are some downsides to Apple as well. Apple computers are more expensive, they have less compatibility, and they are much harder to repair.

The Operating System

Apple computers rely on a special operating system called Mac OS. This is where most users will notice the most difference when using the computer. Mac OS is Apple's own proprietary operating system designed specifically to run on Apple hardware. Running its own operating system gives Apple the ability to optimize their computers better than any other computer manufacturer and this shows when it comes to all aspects. This is both a blessing and a curse. Due to Apple having their own operating system for their computers to run pieces of software they must be written specifically for MacOS. Now this is not a problem for new software but a lot of older software only has support for windows. This means your old printer or favorite word processing program probably isn’t going to work on your new MacBook.

Dell XPS 15 and Macbook Pro 15
Dell XPS 15 and Macbook Pro 15 Side by side

The Apple Computer Hardware

Apple hardware can typically be described with just one word, gorgeous. Apple makes computers that pack as much punch as their windows counterparts but tend to be half the size. Apple uses aluminum throughout their entire laptop where their competitors use plastic. The hardware in their computers tends to be top notch. The only disadvantage here is the price of Apple products in comparison to equal windows computers. When you buy from Apple unfortunately their prices can be up to 50% more than a comparable windows computer. The Apple MacBook Pro 15 starts at $1999 where a Dell XPS 15 with similar specs is around $1500, a huge increase considering both laptops perform almost identically. Thia extra expense goes towards the Apple store experience and telephone support which some people call the “Apple Tax”. Though some do believe it is worth it, if you are on a budget the Dell XPS might be the computer you want to go for. Unfortunately, when it comes to computer repair, Apple computers cost the most and it is not even close. For a major repair like a logic board replacement, on an Apple computer, a customer can expect to pay upwards of $750 to get their computer up and running again. A motherboard replacement on a comparable windows PC is expected to be around $300. Apple really likes to make sure its customers really consider just buying a new MacBook instead of just repairing their old one.

Apple Computer on top of Dell XPS 15
Apple Macbook Pro 15 thickness compared to Dell XPS 15


The Overall Experience

Overall the Apple experience is wonderful. Many of the issues that had previously plagued the Mac such as application support are slowly going away. Many developers now make both a Windows and Mac version. The cost of Apple computers is high but the speed, performance and aesthetics of their computers does reflect the price you pay. It truly is up you the customer to try out both experiences at your local electronics store.

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