How to Handle a Laptop Liquid Spill Emergency

How to Handle a Laptop Liquid Spill Emergency

How to handle a laptop liquid spill emergency. Since the conception of electronics liquids and circuits have been mortal enemies. We often here that a glass of your favorite drink mixed with your laptop means almost certain death. We have a series of steps that might mean otherwise. A liquid spill on an electronic device is truly a serious issue. When it comes to these accidents time is of the essence. If these steps are followed correctly there is a good chance we can save your laptop.

laptop liquid spill emergency
laptop liquid spill emergency

Step 1:

If your computer has not already shut itself off, turn it off immediately. We know we recommend never pulling the power if the computer is off, but in this case its different. Remove the battery, pull the plug, or even hold the power button, whatever you must do to get the computer off, do it.


Step 2:

Make note of the general spill location for future reference, your tech at ABC Computers Plus might need it.


Step 3:

Turn the laptop or electronic device in the opposite direction of the spill. This is to try to remove any liquids from dripping further into the laptop. For example, if the liquid went into the keyboard, flip the laptop over so the keys are facing down.


Step 4:

Call or drive to ABC Computers Plus ASAP. In most cases if the computer is still wet from the original spill, the liquid spill cleanup has a much better chance of being successful. This is due to dried liquid residue being more conductive compared to their previous liquid state.


Step 5:

DO NOT try to dry the computer using a hair dryer or putting the electronic device in a bag of rice. As stated in the step before dried liquids are even more conductive compared to their liquid counterparts. More conductivity between the sensitive motherboard components typically is a direct correlation with the amount of damage done to the device. Even if this method results in a working computer, commonly devices stop working soon after due to residue left on less commonly used circuits on the motherboard.


Don’t fret, there is still hope! ABC Computers Plus has state of the art technology and the special chemicals required to safely remove all traces of liquid on your sensitive components.

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