Just annouced AMD Threadripper verses Intel Core i9

Recently both AMD and Intel announced their newest line of enthusiast cpus with a huge emphasis on core count. AMD announced their new Ryzen Threadripper series with up to 16 cores while Intel announced their new Core i9 series with up to 18 cores. Both of these releases seem to have consumers excited about computer hardware!

Ryzen Processors

Earlier this year AMD released its Ryzen processors and it definitely shook up the market. AMDs Ryzen R7 1800X had near the performance of Intel’s i7-6900K which was priced at $1000 for only $500. Intel said that it was never too concerned about Ryzen but their response to AMDs Ryzen Threadripper series says otherwise.

AMD Threadripper enthusiast cpus
AMDs Threadripper processor series enthusiast cpus

Intel is shaking in their boots

Intel’s newest Core i9 series of enthusiast processors seems like a direct response to AMDs Threadripper series. For the past couple of years Intel has only increased the core count of its top enthusiast processor by two at the most. Intel’s current best enthusiast offering is the i7-6950X with 10 cores, previous rumors stated that Intel had plans of releasing a 12 core processor. These rumors seemed to be confirmed by confusion of motherboard manufacturers at Computex 2017 saying they were never briefed on 14, 16 and 18 core products being released by Intel. Typically, Intel also announces their CPUs just a few weeks before they are ready for launch; however, their Core i9 series CPUs won’t be ready for launch until the end of 2017.

Intel Core i9 enthusiast cpus
Intels new Core i9 series processors enthusiast cpus

Which of the enthusiast CPUs is better?

Though both companies have announced their new products neither have released them to the public. With Intel’s seemingly knee jerk reaction and insane price point of $2000 for their Core i9-7980XE we have high hopes that AMD is able to offer comparable performance at nearly half the price. We will have to wait and see the results of this rejuvenated CPU manufacturer battle.

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