Advantages of a Hard Drive to Solid State Drive Upgrade

Solid State Drive Over Hard Drive
Solid State Drive Over Hard Drive

Many of today's computer and laptop manufacturers are still putting standard hard drives in their low to mid tier computers. The unfortunate thing is in most modern computers the slowest part is the standard hard drive. In order to have a smooth wait free computing experience consumers need a solid state drive installed in their laptop. Standard hard drives are slow and unreliable where solid state drives perform the task at hand almost instantly. Even though the cost of upgrading to a solid state drive is a little expensive (around $180 for a 250GB contact us for a quote), we find that most customers are wowed by the huge increase in performance.

Inside a Standard Hard Drive
Inside a Standard Hard Drive

Standard Hard Drives

Standard hard drives are by no means slow for what they do. In fact when transferring large files their still pretty fast. Most new standard hard drives transfer files at a rate of 200 Mega Bytes per second. This is equivalent to transferring an entire movie in just about 20 seconds. The problem with standard hard drives is they have a slow response time. This is the amount of time it takes for the hard drive to react when the user pushes a button. The response time is so long due to the mechanical nature of these hard drives. Standard hard drives have a spinning disk which spins at a standard rate of either 5400RPM or 7200RPM. These disks are accompanied by a moving drive head. Both the spinning drive and drive head take time to operate a task when called upon.

Not only are standard hard drives slow, when compared to solid state drives they are also unreliable. Just like cars, the moving parts inside a hard drive may break over time which may lead to extensive data loss if not backed up properly. Standard hard drives are typically only given a 1 year warranty. Solid State Drives may have up to a 5 year warranty depending on the brand.

Inside a Solid State Drive
Inside a SSD

Solid State Drive

Solid State Drives are much faster in every aspect. Their speeds can be up to 20x faster when transferring large files while also reducing response time to almost nothing. This is due to the lack of mechanical parts in solid state drives. Solid State Drives operate using memory chips, there is no need to spin a disk or move a drive head. These come with much longer expected life times as well as longer warranties. Say goodbye to replacing your laptop hard drive every couple of years. Solid States are here and they are not going away anytime soon.

With Solid State Drive technology advancing every day we imagine the solid state drive becoming ubiquitous soon. At ABC Computers Plus most SSD upgrades only take a couple hours and are completed within the same day. We pride our selves in keeping prices low while making the customer experience great. If you are interested in a Solid State Drive upgrade feel free to contact us or just fill out this form and we will respond as quick as possible.

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