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repair for all the devices you love


At ABC Computers Plus we offer a 100% free external diagnosis. This allows us to completely understand and identify the problem with your computer before we apply fixes. After we complete the free external diagnosis we then can give you an accurate estimate. Our diagnosis eliminates the need for guessing allowing us to completely avoid unwanted surprises. We are confident that our prices and services will beat all our competitors; however, if you decide you do not want to repair the computer you are free to take it. That’s right you can take home your fully diagnosed computer for FREE.


*The ABC Computers Plus Free Diagnosis does not apply to custom gaming desktops or complex gaming laptops. We will be sure to let you know if your computer fits the requirements for a free diagnosis during check-in, that way there are no surprises.

Macbook Repair

Is your Macbook not functioning correctly, or even at all? Bring it to ABC for quick professional support at a much lower rate than other Apple repair centers.

Macbook Repair

Laptop Repair

If your Laptop PC is having issues we definitely have the solution. At ABC we have many laptop parts in stock to make SAME DAY repair possible.

Laptop Repair

Desktop Computer Repair

Whether its a tower, a new All in One, Mac or mini PC, ABC has got you covered. We have many of the most common parts in stock to keep waiting down to a minimum.

Desktop Repair

Phone and Tablet Repair

Apple, Andriod, Samsung, or Windows no matter what you have everyone seems to make mistakes. ABC Computers Plus provides excellent mobile device services with prices that beat our competitors.

Phone/tablet Repair

Custom Desktops

People expect a lot from their computers nowadays. With a custom computer from ABC you can design your computer for your specific needs and get more performance at a lower price.

Custom Desktops

Specialty Repairs

Whether it be soldiering work, laptop hinge repair, motherboard repair, data recovery, or even complicated virus removal ABC Computers Plus has the tools to get the job done right every time!

specialty repairs

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